I’m Fancy Rae Baker, but you can just call me Fancy…

You like a woman like a well-made knife: exquisitely crafted shape, comfortable to hold onto, and just a hint of danger — everyone knows even the best chefs get bitten by the blade once in a while.

Don’t worry, I won’t bite unless you ask me to (as well as a whole plethora of other kinks we can explore together), but I do like to dance on life’s edges. Maybe that’s evident by my numerous tattoos and artful gleam in my eye; I’m the daring darling of the Midwest. 

Deep down, I’m a goofy nerd. The kind of girl you spotted across the lecture hall in college and were too afraid to talk to, only to see her postering the hallways for her next DnD campaign. The kind of girl who’s not afraid to kick your ass at your favorite video game (though she’ll always kiss it better…). 

You’re the type that values good taste as well as a good time, the type to choose a James Beard nominee followed by casual karaoke night at the pub. After all, life is about flavors across the spectrum of experience. 

Me, I’m not too fond of rules or expectations of what or who a person should be. Why can’t we be refined and elegant watching live jazz by candlelight and cosplaying at Comic Con the next day? Why can’t we go wine tasting before our VR experience? Why can’t we find just as much delight cuddling up with board games as we can exploring each other’s unique desires, falling into sensuous, vibrant pleasure together? 

I say we can. I say we can travel the world in a conversation over an ice cold beer (no really, I hold advanced degrees in Anthropology and Geography); I say we can be endlessly curious about lofty philosophy and still be down to earth. I want to raise your standards and exceed your expectations, but I do it in my own way — grounded, comfortable, and gentle in a way that puts even the most nervous newbie at ease. 

Who you are in terms of gender, sexuality, race, religion, or ability are of no import to me. I want to know who you are under the labels, under the rules society winds tightly around you, under the formalities. 

Let’s take a wander on the wild side. Let’s cut through the boring, the mundane, and predictable. Let me be your new favorite knife: maker of delicious experience, sharp to the hilt, and reliably fun to play with.

I look forward to our future adventures…



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