I’m Fancy Rae Baker, but you can just call me Fancy…

You’re looking for something outside of the ordinary, yet still comfortable and reliable. Someone fun and exciting, yet mature and worldly. Perhaps you’re asking yourself if that’s even possible. I’m here to help you rethink what is possible, to embrace contradiction, to find excitement in life’s unknown pleasures. 

I may look bad, but I was just drawn that way. Deep down, I’m a brainy, goofy nerd. The kind of girl you spotted across the lecture hall in grad school and were too afraid to talk to, all grown up into a woman who’s not afraid to kick your ass at your favorite game… though she’ll always kiss it better. I fit in just as well dressed to the nines for a six course meal as I do at punk night or snuggled up in pajamas watching sci-fi movies. 

You’re the type that values good taste as well as a good time. The type to choose a fine meal followed by casual karaoke night at the neighborhood dive. You like a good street taco just as much as you like a well crafted martini. After all, life is about flavors across the spectrum of experience. A brand new adventure with all of the ease and comfort of a night in with an old friend is exactly what you’re looking for. You want deep conversation and silly laughter; intellectual stimulation and sensual pleasure. And why shouldn’t you have it all? 

Me, I’m not too fond of rules or expectations of what or who a person should be. Why can’t we be refined and elegant watching live jazz by candlelight, and rolling D20s at Gen Con the next day? Why can’t we drink fine wine over silly board games? Why can’t we find just as much delight in cuddling up in the afterglow to discuss our favorite books as we found in exploring each other’s unique desires, falling into sensuous, vibrant pleasure (or even exploring kinks) together? 

I say we can. I say we can travel the world in a conversation over an ice cold beer (no really, I’ve traveled extensively in my 38 years, and I hold advanced degrees in Anthropology and Geography); I say we can be endlessly curious and still be down to earth. I want to raise your standards and exceed your expectations, but I’ll do it in my own way — grounded, comfortable, mature, and gentle in a way that puts even the most nervous newbie at ease. 

Who you are in terms of gender, sexuality, race, size, appearance, religion, or ability are of no importance to me. Over a decade of experience as a professional vibe curator has taught me to look past those things. I want to know who you are under the labels, under the rules society winds tightly around you, under the formalities. Tucking the donation into a copy of your favorite book for me to read will tell me more about you than any label ever could. 

Let’s rethink who and what we can be. Let’s break out of the mundane, the expected, and the predictable. Let me be your tour guide for finding delicious pleasure in all of the beautiful contradictions that life has to offer. 

I look forward to our future adventures…



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