An Evening With Fancy…

You’ve been looking at kinky GFE escort profiles in Indiana or NYC for a while now. Searching for the perfect blend of kink and comfort. Perhaps you need a sensual escort with a gentle yet firm hand and an open mind. Maybe it’s my tattoos and curves that caught your eye.

Unable to resist, you came to my website. The gallery excited you. You checked my locations and filled out my booking form, perhaps a bit nervous at first, and we set our rendezvous. Tonight is the night.

You find my location easily enough. Maybe you sit in the car for a moment, trying to slow your heart rate. It’s understandable; after all, your dream girl is only moments from your arms.

Once you’ve collected yourself, you come to my door. I answer in a sheer robe, or perhaps I greet you in my hotel lobby in a body hugging dress. The chemistry is instant. You can’t keep your eyes off my curves, but the conversation flows so easily that you don’t have to.

As you enter my room, you set the donation tucked inside a copy of your favorite book on the table. You wonder if I’ll read it; I will.

You’ve brought a bottle of champagne, which we open, giggling. Over bubbles, we chat about ourselves a bit. As you sink into a giddy blend of comfort and excitement, you open up a bit, tentatively at first, and tell me about your desires. My excitement to guide you in expressing those secret pleasures is palpable, setting you further at ease while stirring deep desire.

You booked a longer appointment, so we have ample time to explore each other. The first deep and passionate kiss feels like the first real kiss of your life. Every nerve of your body is electrified. We slowly unwrap each other, falling into the rhythm of undressing like old lovers.

What happens next is a secret between only you and I…

We lay together, bathed in afterglow, chatting like the oldest of friends. Although we had planned on a dinner date prior to retiring to the bedroom, we need a new plan based on our inability to keep our hands off of each other. Room service it is.

We feed each other snacks, giggling from the heady atmosphere and champagne. I stroke your hair softly; you’ve never been so relaxed. This is what people mean when they say you need to treat yourself.

You leave with a long kiss. You feel giddy. Every muscle is relaxed. We both smile to ourselves on either side of the door, knowing we won’t be apart for long. I look forward to chatting about your favorite book next time. You know I’ll be on your mind until then.


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