Making it Last: Extended Dates

You arrive at the restaurant, excited to try something new. There’s a parking garage to the side that is $6 for two hours, or you can park at the meter in front with a 30 minute limit. You pick the meter and toss in a few quarters. Inside the restaurant, you wait a few minutes to be seated. Checking your watch, you realize that once you’ve ordered your drink you only have 20 minutes left to order and enjoy the meal. You get a soda, since you’ll be driving again shortly. You start to worry. You don’t listen to the specials, because you know a steak won’t take long to cook. The restaurant is excellent, and the service as well, but once you have decided on an entree, you only have 15 minutes remaining. The food comes and you wolf it down, with little time left to enjoy the dinner you came all this way to have. You leave 30 minutes later, having flagged down the waitress to pay, and rush to the car. You get there just in time, full and relieved not to have a ticket.

Or, perhaps you chose the garage. You walk leisurely into the restaurant and wait patiently to be seated, asking for a booth and waiting an extra couple of minutes for it to be cleaned. You peruse the wine menu, chatting with the knowledgeable waitress about reds and ultimately selecting a nice Malbec. You savor the first sip, as it takes you away from your long day. She recommends a light, fresh salad to start, and it is delicious. Time slips by at a pleasant pace as you wait for the very last plate of the special to come out. During your chat about the wine, the waitress mentioned that only one serving was remaining, and was able to make sure that it was yours because you mentioned that you love duck. The wine pairs perfectly with the entree when it arrives, and the waitress brings you another glass. Savoring each bite, you relish this quality time away from daily stress. You decide to treat yourself to a decadent flourless chocolate cake and a cup of hot, delicious espresso. Two hours later you emerge from the restaurant, full and happy, pay your parking, and go home relaxed and refreshed.


Both meals have their place in life, but perhaps a different restaurant would have been better for a half hour dinner, or a carry-out order instead. While I’m hesitant to compare companionship with food, time with an upscale provider can play out in a similar manner. Before booking, you want to consider what you’re looking for out of the experience. Do you want something fast and easy? There are excellent providers who favor shorter appointments and will be happy to blow your mind in half an hour. However, if you want an experience that takes you away from life and transports you into a realm of new pleasures, an extended appointment may be for you. After all, there are limits to what can happen in any given time frame, and the longer you allow for communication, development of chemistry, foreplay, and exploring each other’s bodies and minds, the more you’ll be able to relish those experiences without worrying about how much time is remaining.

To some, that may mean two hours in which to chat over a cheese plate and delight in each other’s bodies while I’m in your city on tour. To others, it might mean flying me to you for a four hour evening of carnal pleasure a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant. To the most adventurous, it means getting away to a new place together for several days of adventure and deviance.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a provider who specializes in just that and offers the exact date you desire. If you’re looking to escape entirely into a world of new delights, a few hours- or days- with me is the answer. Book your sensual adventure now, and let’s forget about time and enjoy the best of what life has to offer together.

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