Lets get away from the daily grind and get lost in a new locale… and each other. Want an alternative GFE travel escort to accompany you on a whirlwind escape?

The following destinations have a discounted travel fee of $2,000 per day (you provide travel, meals, and accommodations), with a 3 day minimum, and some alone time each day to refresh so I can be my best self with you.

The accommodations I have researched and linked are simply an option, but I did take the excess work off of your hands so we can just book and enjoy. Should you have another hotel or resort preference in these locations, I am open to ideas! 

These trips are expected to include luxury lodging, shopping/entertainment, and meals. 

Costa Rica: Let’s run away to a tropical paradise, swim in an infinity pool above the jungle (I’ll bring my smallest bikini), feed each other tropical fruit, and get lost in each other and the sunset. We can hike to waterfalls and swim nude, catch some vitamin D, and luxuriate in bed as much as possible.

Cabo San Lucas: I’ll slip on a little black dress and some sexy sandals, and we can go dance by the sea. Between romantic dinners and relaxing couple’s massages, we can lay by the crystal clear ocean and spend ample time getting the sheets all sandy. Just a short flight from the US, this is ideal for a long weekend on the beach with the girl of your dreams.

Disney World: Let’s get whimsical and touch base with our inner children at the most magical place on earth! We’ll sneak kisses in quiet corners, and I’ve been known to do some teasing on dark rides. After the PG fun is over, we can adjourn to the resort and get very, very xxx. A blend of silly fun and sexy fun is an embodiment of my personality, so Disney is an ideal place to see many sides of me.

New Zealand: Rolling hills, crashing waves, peace and quiet… what more could we need? Just in case that gets boring, which I can’t imagine happening given two gorgeous and fascinating people in a gorgeous and fascinating place, we can explore the countryside and learn more about this wonderful country, or we can spend the day in the in-house spa. No matter what, we’ll never forget our time in this beautiful destination that I have always dreamed of exploring!

Thailand: Navigating the narrow streets, sampling delicacies from carts and sweating through our clothes, the fabric clinging to every curve. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? We can eat messy tropical fruit nude in bed every morning, swim in the sea or the infinity pool, and get as sweaty as we can manage in the tropical heat. The unimaginable beauty of Thailand, combined with the company of a beautiful, exciting woman… what could be better?

New Orleans: We can escape the US without even dusting off our passports! New Orleans is my home away from home, and let me tell you; it’s like nowhere else in the States! Extraordinary food, beautiful sights, and an unbelievable nightlife- Nola is the perfect short trip that still feels like a full-blown getaway. Plus, it’s undoubtedly the sexiest city in the US. As if we needed the help…

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