Let’s really get to know each other with a monthly arrangement! These are perfect for the long distance suitor, the super-regular, or anyone who wants to date me more casually than my typical hourly rate allows. All arrangements include unlimited GFE texting/emailing. 

All dates must include some time to connect conversationally over food, coffee, or drinks; and overnights require 5-8 hours of restful sleep time.

Arrangements are only available to friendly faces, so let’s meet before discussing this (either by booking a date or video chat) to make sure the chemistry is right!

Ready to level up? 

Let’s Connect: You’re busy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a real connection! Three 3 hour dates a month – $4,000

Deeper Connection: You can’t get enough of me, and the minimum won’t suffice. Five 3 hour dates or two overnight dates a month – $6,000

Love Affair: We’re all-but inseparable, and you can’t wait that long to see me! Six 3 hour dates a month or two full day/night dates – $8,000

Passionate Romance: A few dates just wont do! You need to wake up beside me as often as you can. One full week a month, plus the occasional 1-3 hour quickie – $20,000

Undivided Attention: Be my one and only! Let’s lose ourselves in each other, and see each other whenever we like – $40,000

Midlife Crisis: Three months to a year of my undivided attention, including planning multiple monthly adventures for us and generally improving your life and adding excitement to your days – beginning at $160,000

Custom arrangements to perfectly suit your unique needs are also available!

Three month minimum commitment required. Allowance due at the beginning of each new month, beginning the day our arrangement is agreed upon. Unused dates roll over to the next month. 

Ready to get real with me? Shoot me an email at and let’s do this thing.