Love in The Time of COVID-19

What a year!

I’m sure we’re all tired of the word “unprecedented,” but it’s hard to find better language to describe the year following March, 2020. The anxiety, confusion, sadness, and grief this year has brought can’t be quantified for most of us. However, with the increase in vaccine doses along with new leadership and the ideas that it brings, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and a return to some kind of normalcy is on the horizon. What a weight off! While it may take time to readjust to the world, I think we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief right now as we pass the one year mark with a bit more hope. What does this mean for companions and those who enjoy our company, though?

Many providers have taken the last year off, retired completely, or changed their business model drastically. For me, it was somewhere in the middle. I have spent the last year focusing on arrangements rather than individual dates, and only taking the occasional new booking, with the aim always being to build a relationship with a new regular. While I am now your favorite fully vaccinated escort in Indianapolis and therefore no longer need to quarantine for two weeks between appointments, I found that I quite enjoy more time on dates to get to know each other, and working less often so I am my absolute best when I am with a client. These factors have led to my decision to stay extremely low volume and encourage longer dates, even post-covid. This time with my pets and family has helped me to rearrange my priorities and focus on what makes me happy, which is finding clients who I deeply connect with and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. This may only mean seeing each other once every few months, or much more often, but it allows me to focus on you and our time together, rather than worrying about a packed schedule and feeling rushed.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost for new clients! I’m absolutely taking bookings, especially in Indianapolis and Bloomington, just not incredibly often so I can focus on myself and my existing regulars. If you fill out my booking form, I’ll get back to you with my limited availability and I’ll always strive to make something work. You may have to wait a week or so to see me, or longer if I’m traveling, but I assure you that I’m worth the wait. Plus, once you’re an existing client who I click with, it’ll be infinitely easier to see me in the future.

Many providers, however, will undoubtedly return to their pre-COVID routine. I think in the coming months, as Americans get vaccinated, you will see many more escorts on Tryst and Slixa than you have this past year. I say this to assure you that if longer dates or arrangements aren’t your style quite yet, we may not be a good match, but I am certain that you’ll soon find it easier to meet someone who is. Variety is the spice of life, and I recognize that my time requirements and rates may be a bit outside of your current comfort level. Not to worry though, once you find your footing a discover the joys of extended dates (I suggest scrolling down and reading my diary entry about this exact topic!) I will be here, ready to welcome you with open arms.

For those of you who already know the joys of spending a few hours, or days, with your favorite companion, the coming months are exciting! As life returns to normal, so will your quality time with sexy people. While I am booked quite far in advance due to prioritizing arrangements and regulars, myself and many of my favorite companions have much more availability now than we have in recent memory. So it might take a bit of patience to get scheduled, but unlike 2020, it’s finally a possibility to see the companion of your dreams again (or will be soon)!

While the temptation will be strong to go absolutely wild and schedule an hour with every companion you have missed ASAP, I suggest pacing yourself and remembering that the joy of companionship isn’t a Pokémon “gotta catch ’em all” situation, but rather an opportunity to build intimacy and experience intimate touch and conversation for the first time in a long while. Pace yourself! Book in advance, book longer rendezvous, pick providers who you feel that you’ll truly click with on more than physical appearance, and use this as a heart and mind opening experience, rather than just a quick pressure release. I think you’ll find that the new, slower and more thoughtful, pace of life we have learned to embrace in these (ahem) unprecedented times will translate beautifully to companionship! Plan ahead, take things slow, savor the experience.

This year has been brutal for most people, and hope for the future is still taking its baby steps, but spring is here in so many ways and it’s time to start enjoying life again. Be safe, get the vaccine as soon as you can, wait the recommenced two weeks to develop immunity, find providers who are also vaccinated if that makes you feel safer, and take the lessons learned in these strange times into life going forward. Stop and smell the roses (or, you know, whatever you’ve missed smelling), take the time to really savor the good things, give yourself room to be in the best frame of mind for new experiences, and remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so we have to be grateful for every moment of pleasure we can find or create for ourselves and others.

There is one final thing I’d like to say before letting you get back to booking some quality time with the woman (or man, or nonbinary babe, or a foursome with all three) of your dreams: to all the clients who pre-paid for dates, sent money to providers just to help out, entered into arrangements, and generally supported sex workers through COVID… y’all are amazing and I absolutely can’t wait to properly thank you in person. This has been especially hard on our industry and community, particularly in the wake of FOSTA and other harmful legislation. There were many times when it felt hopeless. You all came through for us and supported us when we needed it most, and that kindness will not be forgotten. Community is, ultimately, our strongest tool for survival, and y’all have proven that you truly care about the survival and success of the people who bring pleasure to your lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy spring and I can’t wait to have you in my arms!

The Perfect Client

Rich, beautiful people who are unkind or boring do nothing for me. I want a client who is a good human, who cares deeply and speaks openly. This client could easily be a woman or nonbinary, though I have used he/him pronouns here, as most of my clients are men and for the sake of simplicity. Read on if you want to know more about my perfect client. You just might be that person…

He’s the one who is nice to the clerk at the grocery store, even when she’s slow and he’s in a rush. He tips servers well. He helps strangers pick up things they’ve dropped on the sidewalk. He is kind and generous in spirit, and eager to do right by others. He is thoughtful and speaks his mind without being condescending. He knows that he has the power to make someone’s day better or worse, and picks better.

He fills out the booking and screening form to completion. He waits patiently for a response, because he knows that entrepreneurs aren’t always able to check emails multiple times a day. If asked for more info, he gives it willingly. He’s aware that sex workers are a population who by necessity must take added precautions for safety, and he respects that. He wants me to feel safe and secure with him and knows that me feeling safe is how we can assure that every moment is fantastic and genuine. He sends the deposit, trusting that I have no reason to sacrifice a wonderful lasting relationship for $100. He offers several date times (as well as a location that I have listed on my calendar, or one he intends to buy me tickets to), and is respectful about finding a time that works for us both. Knowing that I took the time to carefully craft a website that answers most questions, he’s already well versed in Fancy.

Having read my website, he carefully selects a used copy of his favorite book. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy like a first edition, but if he can afford one, he makes sure it’s my favorite book and not his. For our first date though, he knows I want to get into his mind and read something he loves. The donation, which he never questioned, is in the book. If he can, he also leaves a tip or brings a gift. For a longer date, he also brings snacks and tea or sake. He respectfully leaves the book and any other packages on the dresser, and goes to shower. He knows that I’ll count and tuck away the donation, and politely gives me this moment to do so. He’s probably already clean and well-groomed, knowing that hygiene is part of what makes an encounter enjoyable, but he takes a quick shower anyhow to wash off the city.

During our conversation, he is open and relaxed. Even if he’s nervous, it’s not a cagey nervousness that sets everyone else on edge. It’s the expected nerves of meeting a beautiful woman for the first time, not a distrust of women in general. He loves women; that’s part of why he’s here. He relaxes as we get to know each other. He’s not in a hurry, because he set aside adequate time to get to know one another before becoming intimate, and he trusts my timing within an appointment. If I’m encouraging conversation, he converses. When I encourage touch, he touches. We check in routinely to make sure that we’re within the range of good boundaries and that everyone is enjoying themselves. He knows that consent isn’t just sexy, it’s mandatory, but we can still make it pretty damn sexy if we want to. Which, of course we do. He takes the time to enjoy the sensual and intimate touch and teasing that comes before, or even in lieu of, traditional sex. Foreplay may not be something he has much experience with, but he’s open to exploring new realms of pleasure. Sex isn’t just sex; it’s also play. He’s here with me to have fun, not just a physical release. Although, that’s fun too.

Afterwards, we lie in bed and chat more. He enjoys the slow intimacy of getting dressed together in the afterglow. He leaves when the time has come, and thanks me for the time we have spent together. In the following days, he may text or email a quick thank-you or ask for a reference. He knows that I’m busy and can’t spend a great deal of time communicating between appointments, and he respects that. He either reserves contacting me for setting up dates, or he offers value for the time spent communicating between dates. The value may be gifts, services, or money. It doesn’t matter what the value is, just that it is something that I also find valuable. That’s the kind of man he is. He’s never entitled, and never disrespectful of the boundaries of our relationship. Should the boundaries be unclear, he is quick to communicate and ensure that we are on the same page. He knows that communication is key in any relationship, be it business, pleasure, or both. He’s a good man, even if he doesn’t know it yet. I’ll help him see how wonderful he truly is.

Are you my perfect client? Are you kind, generous in spirit, open minded, respectful, and communicative? I think if you’ve gotten this far, you probably are. Let’s find out.



Making it Last: Extended Dates

You arrive at the restaurant, excited to try something new. There’s a parking garage to the side that is $6 for two hours, or you can park at the meter in front with a 30 minute limit. You pick the meter and toss in a few quarters. Inside the restaurant, you wait a few minutes to be seated. Checking your watch, you realize that once you’ve ordered your drink you only have 20 minutes left to order and enjoy the meal. You get a soda, since you’ll be driving again shortly. You start to worry. You don’t listen to the specials, because you know a steak won’t take long to cook. The restaurant is excellent, and the service as well, but once you have decided on an entree, you only have 15 minutes remaining. The food comes and you wolf it down, with little time left to enjoy the dinner you came all this way to have. You leave 30 minutes later, having flagged down the waitress to pay, and rush to the car. You get there just in time, full and relieved not to have a ticket.

Or, perhaps you chose the garage. You walk leisurely into the restaurant and wait patiently to be seated, asking for a booth and waiting an extra couple of minutes for it to be cleaned. You peruse the wine menu, chatting with the knowledgeable waitress about reds and ultimately selecting a nice Malbec. You savor the first sip, as it takes you away from your long day. She recommends a light, fresh salad to start, and it is delicious. Time slips by at a pleasant pace as you wait for the very last plate of the special to come out. During your chat about the wine, the waitress mentioned that only one serving was remaining, and was able to make sure that it was yours because you mentioned that you love duck. The wine pairs perfectly with the entree when it arrives, and the waitress brings you another glass. Savoring each bite, you relish this quality time away from daily stress. You decide to treat yourself to a decadent flourless chocolate cake and a cup of hot, delicious espresso. Two hours later you emerge from the restaurant, full and happy, pay your parking, and go home relaxed and refreshed.


Both meals have their place in life, but perhaps a different restaurant would have been better for a half hour dinner, or a carry-out order instead. While I’m hesitant to compare companionship with food, time with an upscale provider can play out in a similar manner. Before booking, you want to consider what you’re looking for out of the experience. Do you want something fast and easy? There are excellent providers who favor shorter appointments and will be happy to blow your mind in half an hour. However, if you want an experience that takes you away from life and transports you into a realm of new pleasures, an extended appointment may be for you. After all, there are limits to what can happen in any given time frame, and the longer you allow for communication, development of chemistry, foreplay, and exploring each other’s bodies and minds, the more you’ll be able to relish those experiences without worrying about how much time is remaining.

To some, that may mean two hours in which to chat over a cheese plate and delight in each other’s bodies while I’m in your city on tour. To others, it might mean flying me to you for a four hour evening of carnal pleasure a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant. To the most adventurous, it means getting away to a new place together for several days of adventure and deviance.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a provider who specializes in just that and offers the exact date you desire. If you’re looking to escape entirely into a world of new delights, a few hours- or days- with me is the answer. Book your sensual adventure now, and let’s forget about time and enjoy the best of what life has to offer together.

Sensual domination: the joy of letting go

Pain isn’t for everyone, but neither is so-called “vanilla” sex. That’s where a sensual domme comes in. Trained in all aspects of pain and pleasure, and the entire spectrum in-between, a sensual dominatrix knows the perfect middle ground. A place where you can let go of your perfectionism and control, and enjoy the firm yet tender caresses of her expert hands and body.

Whether you prefer to be restrained and blindfolded so you can truly relinquish power, or just need a firm and guiding hand to take you to new heights, she is both communicative and intuitive to your unique needs. You may be brand new or an expert yourself; her capable touch is the one thing that allows you to experience a space of true release, no matter your experience level.

A tender, loving pro-domme can help you explore your fetishes in a non-judgmental environment, allowing you to express yourself sexually with freedom and ease. She can help guide you through the entire process, from buying the right toys for your body and desires to deep breathing techniques to help you let go of the world around you. Think of her as your erotic tour guide. Like any other tour, the experience can be as wild or as tame as you feel comfortable with, while still giving you space to explore new things. She will always respect your boundaries, while helping you push the ones you want to test more deeply.

You don’t need to consider yourself a submissive or bottom in order to enjoy the experience of sensual domination! Letting go is healthy for anyone in today’s busy world. Being able to sit back and enjoy the devoted attention of a beautiful woman without having to think about anything is the perfect luxury. Just like an experienced masseuse doesn’t require anything of you aside from your trust, an experienced dominant woman only needs your willingness to explore. Set aside your life for a few hours, turn off your busy mind, and let her guide you to a space of ultimate pleasure. You deserve it.

Book your release here.


An Evening With Fancy…

You’ve been looking at kinky GFE escort profiles in Indiana or NYC for a while now. Searching for the perfect blend of kink and comfort. Perhaps you need a sensual escort with a gentle yet firm hand and an open mind. Maybe it’s my tattoos and curves that caught your eye.

Unable to resist, you came to my website. The gallery excited you. You checked my locations and filled out my booking form, perhaps a bit nervous at first, and we set our rendezvous. Tonight is the night.

You find my location easily enough. Maybe you sit in the car for a moment, trying to slow your heart rate. It’s understandable; after all, your dream girl is only moments from your arms.

Once you’ve collected yourself, you come to my door. I answer in a sheer robe, or perhaps I greet you in my hotel lobby in a body hugging dress. The chemistry is instant. You can’t keep your eyes off my curves, but the conversation flows so easily that you don’t have to.

As you enter my room, you set the donation tucked inside a copy of your favorite book on the table. You wonder if I’ll read it; I will.

You’ve brought a bottle of champagne, which we open, giggling. Over bubbles, we chat about ourselves a bit. As you sink into a giddy blend of comfort and excitement, you open up a bit, tentatively at first, and tell me about your desires. My excitement to guide you in expressing those secret pleasures is palpable, setting you further at ease while stirring deep desire.

You booked a longer appointment, so we have ample time to explore each other. The first deep and passionate kiss feels like the first real kiss of your life. Every nerve of your body is electrified. We slowly unwrap each other, falling into the rhythm of undressing like old lovers.

What happens next is a secret between only you and I…

We lay together, bathed in afterglow, chatting like the oldest of friends. Although we had planned on a dinner date prior to retiring to the bedroom, we need a new plan based on our inability to keep our hands off of each other. Room service it is.

We feed each other snacks, giggling from the heady atmosphere and champagne. I stroke your hair softly; you’ve never been so relaxed. This is what people mean when they say you need to treat yourself.

You leave with a long kiss. You feel giddy. Every muscle is relaxed. We both smile to ourselves on either side of the door, knowing we won’t be apart for long. I look forward to chatting about your favorite book next time. You know I’ll be on your mind until then.