Love in The Time of COVID-19

What a year!

I’m sure we’re all tired of the word “unprecedented,” but it’s hard to find better language to describe the year following March, 2020. The anxiety, confusion, sadness, and grief this year has brought can’t be quantified for most of us. However, with the increase in vaccine doses along with new leadership and the ideas that it brings, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and a return to some kind of normalcy is on the horizon. What a weight off! While it may take time to readjust to the world, I think we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief right now as we pass the one year mark with a bit more hope. What does this mean for companions and those who enjoy our company, though?

Many providers have taken the last year off, retired completely, or changed their business model drastically. For me, it was somewhere in the middle. I have spent the last year focusing on arrangements rather than individual dates, and only taking the occasional new booking, with the aim always being to build a relationship with a new regular. While I am now your favorite fully vaccinated escort in Indianapolis and therefore no longer need to quarantine for two weeks between appointments, I found that I quite enjoy more time on dates to get to know each other, and working less often so I am my absolute best when I am with a client. These factors have led to my decision to stay extremely low volume and encourage longer dates, even post-covid. This time with my pets and family has helped me to rearrange my priorities and focus on what makes me happy, which is finding clients who I deeply connect with and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. This may only mean seeing each other once every few months, or much more often, but it allows me to focus on you and our time together, rather than worrying about a packed schedule and feeling rushed.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost for new clients! I’m absolutely taking bookings, especially in Indianapolis and Bloomington, just not incredibly often so I can focus on myself and my existing regulars. If you fill out my booking form, I’ll get back to you with my limited availability and I’ll always strive to make something work. You may have to wait a week or so to see me, or longer if I’m traveling, but I assure you that I’m worth the wait. Plus, once you’re an existing client who I click with, it’ll be infinitely easier to see me in the future.

Many providers, however, will undoubtedly return to their pre-COVID routine. I think in the coming months, as Americans get vaccinated, you will see many more escorts on Tryst and Slixa than you have this past year. I say this to assure you that if longer dates or arrangements aren’t your style quite yet, we may not be a good match, but I am certain that you’ll soon find it easier to meet someone who is. Variety is the spice of life, and I recognize that my time requirements and rates may be a bit outside of your current comfort level. Not to worry though, once you find your footing a discover the joys of extended dates (I suggest scrolling down and reading my diary entry about this exact topic!) I will be here, ready to welcome you with open arms.

For those of you who already know the joys of spending a few hours, or days, with your favorite companion, the coming months are exciting! As life returns to normal, so will your quality time with sexy people. While I am booked quite far in advance due to prioritizing arrangements and regulars, myself and many of my favorite companions have much more availability now than we have in recent memory. So it might take a bit of patience to get scheduled, but unlike 2020, it’s finally a possibility to see the companion of your dreams again (or will be soon)!

While the temptation will be strong to go absolutely wild and schedule an hour with every companion you have missed ASAP, I suggest pacing yourself and remembering that the joy of companionship isn’t a Pokémon “gotta catch ’em all” situation, but rather an opportunity to build intimacy and experience intimate touch and conversation for the first time in a long while. Pace yourself! Book in advance, book longer rendezvous, pick providers who you feel that you’ll truly click with on more than physical appearance, and use this as a heart and mind opening experience, rather than just a quick pressure release. I think you’ll find that the new, slower and more thoughtful, pace of life we have learned to embrace in these (ahem) unprecedented times will translate beautifully to companionship! Plan ahead, take things slow, savor the experience.

This year has been brutal for most people, and hope for the future is still taking its baby steps, but spring is here in so many ways and it’s time to start enjoying life again. Be safe, get the vaccine as soon as you can, wait the recommenced two weeks to develop immunity, find providers who are also vaccinated if that makes you feel safer, and take the lessons learned in these strange times into life going forward. Stop and smell the roses (or, you know, whatever you’ve missed smelling), take the time to really savor the good things, give yourself room to be in the best frame of mind for new experiences, and remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so we have to be grateful for every moment of pleasure we can find or create for ourselves and others.

There is one final thing I’d like to say before letting you get back to booking some quality time with the woman (or man, or nonbinary babe, or a foursome with all three) of your dreams: to all the clients who pre-paid for dates, sent money to providers just to help out, entered into arrangements, and generally supported sex workers through COVID… y’all are amazing and I absolutely can’t wait to properly thank you in person. This has been especially hard on our industry and community, particularly in the wake of FOSTA and other harmful legislation. There were many times when it felt hopeless. You all came through for us and supported us when we needed it most, and that kindness will not be forgotten. Community is, ultimately, our strongest tool for survival, and y’all have proven that you truly care about the survival and success of the people who bring pleasure to your lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy spring and I can’t wait to have you in my arms!